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Make A Quilt Out Of Old T Shirts

make a quilt out of old t shirts

    t shirts
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  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

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  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

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sentimental about history.

sentimental about history.

so, once again, i find myself packing up my life.
since graduating from college, i have moved from athens, ga to allentown, pa to baltimore, md to columbia, sc to elizabeth city, nc to columbia, sc, and to augusta, ga. and now i have a new stop. a place i plan to settle and plant some roots.
atlanta, georgia.
for the past year, atlanta has been my second home. i go there twice a month to see my love and his back-breaking tailwagger and soon i will call it home.

i should tell you now, as a preface to this ramble, i am a horribly sentimental person. i may have fooled you with my ohsotough exterior, but inside my countless homes, inside countless boxes and bins, you'd find note after note and photo after photo and drawing after drawing of memories. some going back two decades.
in elementary school, my beloved mother tried to put a stop to my urge to keep everything. on our evening walks, i'd pick up feathers and leaves and rocks and i had bookshelves covered in them. she made me bag and organize these collections after it seemed that my shelves might be alive as the leaves rustled at night. by the time my high school prom rolled around, every inch of my bedroom walls and doors were covered with ticketstubs and drawings and snapshots of friends and travels.

you know, it's so fitting that my passion is photography because i have a horrible memory. and that makes my packrattiness and desire to save everything more important --and more valued-- because in the boxes and bins are countless things i'd long forgotten.

These memories have fallen out of my brain, but they are my bones. They mingle with the freckles on my shoulders and nose, and the scars on my knees that were gathered over these countless miles and smiles of my life.

However, at some point these boxes become burdens. they're ignored and shoved in a closet and just another thing to heave up another flight of stairs and, now, i'm faced with deciding once more what will make the move and what will find itself on a shelf at a Salvation Army and what will find itself in a landfill.
and what, because of these decisions, could ultimately be forgotten.

It's Sophie's Choice in my bedroom tonight. Do I keep the shirt I bought on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic that has a John Deere tractor? I never wear it, but the story of detainment an hour later and the irony of a Georgia shirt in Hispaniola is strong. Or, do I keep the shirt I wore when I marched in DC with thousands of like-minded men and women for the historic March for Women's Lives? Or, do I keep the old t-shirt given to me by a now ex-boyfriend, who still sits in a tiny corner of my heart?
Can I bring myself to read through the notes passed in 7th grade? Will I ever care what they say? Do I really care today that Tricia brought a special spin-the-bottle to Liz's birthday party in 6th grade? or that I told Veronica that I was going to call Thomas and ask him who he liked, and if he asked me who I liked, I was going to finally tell him that it was him.
All these pieces make me me.
They may be trivial patches apart, but, as a whole, they are a quilt of my history.

Tears welled up in my eyes when I found a print-out of one of those long internet chainmail surveys we all filled-in and forwarded when internet was just picking up at the beginning of high school. Answers to plaguing questions of my preference between Pepsi and Coke and boxers or briefs and when was the last time I was kissed were all addressed and forwarded. All that was silly and easily and deservingly-forgettable, and some opinions have changed since and some haven't and I doubt anyone that I sent it to remembers what I wrote,
but, one question and answer stuck out to me and tugged on my sentimental heart.

"If there were one thing in the world that would make you happy forever, what would it be?"

My answer?
Unconditional love.

The two-word response seems so true and so innocent and honest and mature, all at the same time, even this 12 years past.
I think I still hope for it today, unconditional love, although I'm not sure I'd still come up with that answer, not unless I really dug deep.
After that pause in sorting after reading it, and a tear, I got back to work dividing the keepsakes and the keepnots.

As I flip through the forgotten, I realize, my boxes and bins are filled with proof.

The proof of unconditional love.

It had been sitting under rollerblades and an old prom dress and graduation gowns in a spare closet.

I'm reminded over and over as I pick through this bin of trash and treats that have followed me from city to city, ignored, that I am so incredibly loved. Countless cards from my mother, one wishing me good luck and love on my first day of middle school; a letter from my sister who just learned how to write telling me "it is terbl weti awt you" while I'm gone rock climbing and obsessing over boys at camp in the mountains. Can I toss a photo of Philip Poston complete with bas

mish mash

mish mash

Oh gee, I don’t even know how to start this!! Okay, I’ve been tagged numerous times and really, at first I didn’t know what that meant… Hahaha… yes, I am a true blonde… Oh, that can be one of the 25!!! Cool! Anyway, as I was saying, it took me a while to figure out that I was suppose to take a picture of me and share it and some personal little tidbits about myself with all of my friends. I have enjoyed seeing and reading all the many interesting things about so many of those that figured this tag thing out faster then I did. So, here it goes…

1.I am 100 and 10 percent blonde. Have been all my life. I love blonde jokes and find it amusing how many people really believe the idea blondes are dumb… so with that in mind, I also enjoy using it to my advantage. Heeheehee giggle
2.I have lived all over the USA. 10 different states. Long story. Needless-to-say, “hometown” is not something I know much about.
3.While living in Wisconsin, we had a farm, sort of. Not really in the true sense of the word, we just had a lot of animals on 110 acres, way out in the country. We had horses, goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens and they, with the exception of the horses, roamed around free as the cat and dog did. I milked 3 goats and fed 6 kids, baby goats for those of you that don’t know what a kid is, before and after school for 3 years. I have a wicked handshake!!
4.I have always been physically active. Loved PE in school. I would get called regularly over the intercom to come to the gym to help the teacher show the class how to do something. I could do handstand push-ups which delighted my PE teacher and he would call me down to the gym just to have me demonstrate!! It annoyed many of the other teachers as I left their classes. I loved it!
5.I rode in horseshows and won many blue ribbons in favorite events. I would pair up with my older brother for the rescue races and we were un-beatable! He took things a lot more serious then I did. He was out to win and I was out to have fun. I made the mistake of beating him in a couple of events… that did not go over very well. I learned to hold back from doing my best many times just so he would win. He is still very competitive and I’m not.
6.I use to roller skate every week and owned my own skates. I loved doing the dances like the 14 step which progressively gets faster and faster and has a pattern of inside and outside turns. One time I was asked to skate it with an old guy that was trying to be much younger then he was. His hair was dyed black. He wore a black western type shirt and black jeans and from a distance he looked pretty smart. We skated and he got us going way too fast, so much so that our wheels were skidding sideways on the turns. Well, the inevitable happen and we went down taking another couple with us. It hurt like heck but the cowboy I was skating with lost his false teeth when he hit the floor and they flung across the skating rink!!! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! LOL
7.I love cats. I have had some wonderful feline friends over the years. The oldest was 17 when life gave up on her. I now have two 15-year-old kitties, one I raised since she was 3 weeks old. Fed her with a bottle. I got her after her momma died and the owner didn’t know what to do with her one and only baby.
8.I married my husband after we met 8 days earlier. I don’t recommend it but it has worked for us for almost 29 years. We are still mad about each other and hate to be apart. He is truly my very best friend. My grandmother was the only family at our wedding.
9.I have two daughters and one grandson. I also was blessed with a lovely grand-daughter 5 years ago, but sadly we lost her at seven weeks of age. My daughter was amazing and I believe much stronger then I could have ever been. Leah Marie was loved and is very much missed.
10.I have been sewing for about 35 years or so. I tailored at a formal shop and though I learn a lot from the experience I really hated it. I found working for myself to be much more satisfying and a lot less stress. I had personal clients that I regularly made things for but it was not my passion. Then I discovered Barbie.
11.I was an outdoors, rough and tumble tomboy type of girl. I’d rather climb a tree and swim in the creek then be in the house longer then I had to. I got a Barbie doll from my dad when I was ten. I played more with the box!! Hahaha… I remember the doll had a ponytail and was blonde. I took her hair out of the ponytail and she was bald in the middle!!! I wasn’t impressed.
12.I started sewing Barbie designs of my own making about 6 years ago.
13.I love to collect banks. You know the piggy kind only they aren’t all piggy looking. One of these days, I’m going to get them out in a group and photograph them.
14.I enjoy painting and I use to be pretty good at drawing. I like all mediums but charcoal and pastels seem to be a favorite. I have several art pieces hanging in our home

make a quilt out of old t shirts

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