Well behaved women rarely make history t shirt. Long sleeve t shirt for. Packaging for t shirts

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History T Shirt

well behaved women rarely make history t shirt

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well behaved women rarely make history t shirt - Well Behaved

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History Long-Sleeve T-shirt Small - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Quotation

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History Long-Sleeve T-shirt Small - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Quotation

White with black print. Made in USA. 100% pre-shrunk cotton, Special "ribbed" weave gives the shirts more stretchiness than your ordinary cotton t-shirt. These T-shirts are smaller, and designed to be form fitting. We recommend buying a larger size shirt than you usually buy. Width at narrowest point under armpits: 13 in./33 cm Height from top of collar at back of shirt to waist: 22 in. / 56 cm Shoulder to shoulder as measured from seams: 14 in. / 35.6 cm Sleeve from seam at top of shoulder to cuff: 22 in / 56 cm

77% (19)

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History...

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History...

Just in case you're wondering: I am in the process of uploading all of my photos from the past year to Flickr from other online sources & my backlogged iPhoto library. Here's one that sums it up: Me & Mary Stanley, my documentary subject (and friend) at the Moscone Center in May 2005.

Mrs. Lovett cosplay

Mrs. Lovett cosplay

I mean, not, as I'm smiling, but still.

I'm wearing everything except the bloodstained apron in this one --beautiful red blood/flower shirt, little black dress, fishnets.

The pin says "Well behaved women rarely make history". I couldn't resist!

well behaved women rarely make history t shirt

well behaved women rarely make history t shirt

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

From admired historian—and coiner of one of feminism's most popular slogans—Laurel Thatcher Ulrich comes an exploration of what it means for women to make history.

In 1976, in an obscure scholarly article, Ulrich wrote, "Well behaved women seldom make history." Today these words appear on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, greeting cards, and all sorts of Web sites and blogs. Ulrich explains how that happened and what it means by looking back at women of the past who challenged the way history was written. She ranges from the fifteenth-century writer Christine de Pizan, who wrote The Book of the City of Ladies, to the twentieth century’s Virginia Woolf, author of A Room of One's Own. Ulrich updates their attempts to reimagine female possibilities and looks at the women who didn't try to make history but did. And she concludes by showing how the 1970s activists who created "second-wave feminism" also created a renaissance in the study of history.

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